At Party Pix, we strive to turn every moment into a memory you can look back on forever. We are more than just a photo booth company, we have a relentless dedication to ensuring your event is one where no stone is left unturned. 


Chris and Jordan are two gym bros who struck up a close friendship at Powerhouse Gym. Fast forward 2 years and we started Party Pix which was born out of a passion for capturing joy, laughter, and candid moments. We saw a need for a modern spin on photo-booths and we got to work on our open air photobooth concept. We promise that your booth will blend seamlessly into any event, making it a centerpiece of fun and creativity.


We are unique because we believe that your event should be truly customized according to your desires. Our sleek and stylish photo booth is designed to complement your event’s aesthetic, no matter the occasion. We offer a wide range of props, backdrops, and custom templates to match your events theme.


At the heart of Party Pix, lies a dedicated squad of enthusiasts and experts. We are committed to providing a top notch experience from start to finish. Our team is always there to assist and ensure your event goes on without a hitch while guaranteeing high-quality photos that last a lifetime.

Why Choose Party Pix?

Unforgettable Memories We create lasting memories in the form of fun and captivating photos that you and your guests will treasure forever.

Personalization: We tailor each experience to your event, making sure it’s as unique and special as you imagined.

Ease and Convenience: Our setup is hassle-free, so you can focus on enjoying the moment while we capture it.

Top-Notch Quality: We use the latest technology and high-resolution cameras to deliver stunning photos.

Fun Guaranteed: Our photo booth is the life of the party, sparking laughter and joy at every click. Join us in making memories one snapshot at a time. Discover the magic of Party Pix, where every photo is a work of art and every event is a story to tell. Contact us today to book the ultimate photo booth experience for your next event!